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Talkie Talkie in English Information

 投稿者:Mr. Inui  投稿日:2016年 7月22日(金)18時53分19秒
  通報 返信・引用
  Talkie-talkie in English

"Talkie-talkie in English in which also Mr. Valentine has once participated is the meeting talking in English held every Thursday".

Those who came from overseas and want to speak in English at times, those who came back from overseas and want to use his/her special English not to forget it, those who are hard learning English but don't have a place to speak in English, and so on, those people gather HERE and can talk each other freely in English about the topic of this week for 1 hour and a half.

The participants are not only Japanese but those who come from such various countries as South Korea, China, Philippine, India, Ceylon, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Ukraine, America, New Zealand, and so on participate here.

Each current member has showed up with an instructor of tea ceremony and flower arrangement, the former journalists of a sport journal, the housewives of bringing up children, the supporters who are teaching Japanese to people who come from overseas, and so on.

So our Talkie Meeting will give you some nice opportunities to those who participate from overseas to grow familiar with Japanese culture and how to live in Japan easily.

Any excellent English skill isn’t requested to you.
Only if you want to speak in English with people from other countries, you are always very much welcomed here.

Place: Marin Fort in Makuhari Baytown (details are told by e-mail)

Time: Every Thursday 11:00~12:30

Contents:We talk in English about "topic of this week."

Fee: 100yen

We look forward to your connection.

Contact: mail : syuji_inui@yahoo.co.jp
phone : 070-1457-1232

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